Sunday, December 3, 2017

Mr. Klutz is Nuts!! Chapter 7

Mr. Klutz is going to bea teacher for the day!   What is he going to teach?

You can get the book here:


What is he going to teach?
Why did Mr. Klutz teach the class?
Where did Miss Daisy go?
What was Mr. Klutz trying to teach the class?
What will happen if you drop two objects at the same time?
What happened while Mr. Klutz was teaching the class?
How could have that been avoided?
What happened to him?
Why does A.J. hate Andrea?\
Would your teacher get on top of a table?
Was this event on purpose?

Homework: Why did Mr. Klutz fall down.  What would have been a better way for him to teach the class? You make up his lesson plan to teach gravity to the 2nd grade.

Pray for Rain with this song:  Rachael Alice Original Music and Video:

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