Friday, December 22, 2017

Mr Klutz is Nuts Chapter 2

My Weird School, Mr. Klutz is Nuts, Chapter 2

So, how did Mr. Klutz get to school today?  It's crazy, right?  What else is Mr. Klutz going to do?

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The last straw  - the thing that makes the camel finally fall down. it means an act that you can't really stand and you have to take action now.

Why is this chapter called "Big Trouble?"
What happened, to who?
Have you ever gotten in trouble at school?
Has any one of your friends gotten in trouble at school?
What is A.J. going to be when he grows up now?
How has this changed from book 1?
Why does he want to do this profession?
What sport were the boys doing during recess?
What happened that might have gotten A.J. in trouble?
What was the joke that Michael told?
Why was Miss Daisy mad?

Compare Miss Daisy with Mr. Klutz. Which person do you like more and why?  Give three reasons that you like the person you chose.

For your listening Pleasure: Rachael Alice Orbach performing her original guitar Study: Corrida

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