Sunday, September 24, 2017

Magic Tree House Night of the Ninjas Chapter 4

Magic Tree House

Night of the Ninjas

Chapter 4


Before Reading: What happened in Chapter 3? How did the ninjas climb up the tree?
While reading - Make a chart of the events that are happening






Spikes noun A long, thick, sharp-pointed piece of wood or metal.
The goalie put spikes on his shoes so he could run faster to catch the ball.

Frozen- noun - not able to move
When the tiger looked at the hunter, the animal froze in place

Uh-oh interjection Used to express alarm, foreboding, or dismay
Uh-oh, I forgot my phone at home again, the business executive said.

Dart verb to move or throw swiftly and suddenly
The rabbit darted into the small hole to get away from the fox.

Background links: of Ninjas

What did the ninjas do with the note?

What language do they speak?

How does Jack feel about going with the ninjas?

How does Annie feel about going with the ninjas?

What does Jack take with him? Why?

Why can’t he find the Pennsylvania book?
Why does Annie remind Jack that they have to help Morgan?

Why can’t Jack and Annie get across the stream?

How do the ninjas get them to go across the strean? 

Could they escape if they really wanted? 

What is the mouse doing?  

What does Annie say to the mouse? 

What is Jack's reaction to that? 

Homework: Describe what is special about a ninja? 
What did they do and how did they do their job?
 What special clothes did they wear? Why?

Cowboys of the American West.
The Cowboys of the American West were originally hired to take the cattle from the cattle range to the railroads so they could be sold. This was a long trek from Texas to Kansas. They wore special clothes to help them in their jobs, pointed boots made of leather so they could slip in and out of the stirrups, a big hat to keep off the sun, a bandana to wear around the face to keep out the dust, and chaps on their pants so they wouldn’t be stuck by cactus thorns.

Alternative Homework: 
you are a newspaper reporter.  Interview a ninja about a job that he did.  
Write three questions and answer them.  

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