Sunday, August 27, 2017

Miss Daisy is Crazy- Lesson Plan Chapter 3

Miss Daisy doesn't like school, She can't do arithmetic,  What else can't she do, Let's read Chapter 3 and find out!

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 Miss Daisy is Crazy  by Dan Guttman

clue - a hint
figured - thought

Questions for discussion:

Why does A.J. try not to learn how to read?
What about Miss Daisy, can she read?
How does Miss Daisy get the children to teach her how to spell?
What does Miss Daisy think about 2nd graders?
How does Miss Daisy make the children feel about reading and spelling?

How do you feel about spelling in English?  How do you learn how to spell?  Which way is better, Miss Daisy's way or the traditional way?

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