Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Teaching the Poem Fog

Teaching the Poem Fog

Key Components
(H.W. from Session One)
(Session Five)
Pre-Reading Activity
Discuss what is fog\cat-characteristics                        
inferences : fog- wetness\inability to see
cat: cleanliness\ agility
Basic Understanding
Read poem get to a first level of comprehension
LOT questions about the content.
Analysis and Interpretation
Thick or thin fog\fogginess
Cat feet: partial or the whole cat
Hots: use of cat & fog as similes  
Application to ones life – partial\whole
Metaphorical usage
Bridging Text and Context
Connection between lifestyle of poet and our poem

Post-Reading Activity
Have you ever been in a fog?
What happens when you feel foggy?
Have you ever had a cat as a pet?
Short writing task on above
Generating  possibilities
Life comes and goes etc.
Did you like the poem? Why or why not?
What did you learn from this poem about yourself – does it change you in any way?
Summative Assessment
Application to your own life
Comparing  \ contrasting

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