Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Day of the Dragon King, , Chapter 7

The Dragon King

The Books are burning! Books can be dangerous and give people new ideas,  This is why many dictators have sought to limit access to books.  This is true in modern times but also throughout history.    For more research go to this link: http://www.ducksters.com/history/china/ancient_china.php

Key Terms:
 blazed- a strong light
 snatched - grabbed
charging back - running back
whizzed by = go by very fast
ducked inside - go inside by bending down

crackled krak led

What were the soldier burning?
What material were the books made from?
How did Annie grab the book and come back?
What was the reaction of the Dragon King?
Where did the scholar tell them to run?
Why would that place be safe?
How does Annie convince Jack to go there?
What do they see when they go in?

Write about your favorite book that you would read over and over.
Why do you like this book?
When did you first read it?
What do you like about the book, the characters, plot, setting?

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