Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Easy Sentence Structures in English

One skill that English learners need to master is the use of different sentence structures.

Today we will use the Present Simple to make simple sentences;

A sentence needs to have a Subject and a Verb.  That's it.  You can add more elements if you want, but it is not necessary.

I am. 

I is the subject,  am is the verb.

You are. 

You is the subject, are is the verb. 

But these sentences don't really do much.

We want to add more information:

I am happy.  You are sad, We are tired. 

Happy, sad and tired - gives more information about the subject.

 These sentences can also use contractions,  putting the subject and verb "to be" together.

I'm happy,  You're sad, We're tired. 

These sentence mean the same, and are more used in speaking rather than writing.

We can also make a sentence with a verb that has more action.

I jump.  He works,  They run  

These sentences help and give more information because these verbs show us action. 

But you might want to give more information in your sentence. 

I jump high.  He works hard,  They run fast.  

high, hard, fast are Adverb , they give more information about the verb, how  the actions are done. 
In this sentence structure, we put the adverb after the subject and verb, to make a full sentence. 

Over to You! 

Use these words to make simple sentences:  You can use each word more than once!

I,  he, she, they, we, you,  Mr. Jones, Mrs. Smith, The computer,  The cat,  Summer, Winter, Spring, Fall. The chair,


is , am, are,  work, jump, run, work, write,  see,


high, fast, slow, hard, better, badly, carefully, well, clearly,


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