Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Day of the Dragon King Chapter 6

Key Terms
gong- a big metal cymbal hung up and hit to make a very loud sound
oxcart - a wagon which uses oxen to pull it

bunched  - hard ch
bumped -  blend m and p mp
curved - one syllable

When do the gates close?
What happens if visitors don't leave in time?
Why are the ends of the roofs curved?\
Why are people buying little cages with an animal inside?
Annie asks what are ancestors?  Tell her the answer.
Who is buried in the tomb?
How many workers were working on it?
Why does the scholar yell?
What material are the books written on?
Who is watching the bonfire?

Here is a link about Ancient Chinese Ghosts to do more research about Ancient China

Write a newspaper article about the events in this chapter.  Include a quote from a bystander at the end of your article.

Example:    Look at the first example on this website:   https://www.dogonews.com/

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