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Magic Tree House Afternoon on the Amazon Chapter 6 Student Assignment Sheet

Magic Tree House
Afternoon on the Amazon
Chapter  6
Student Assignment Sheet

What happened in Chapter 5?  What is exciting?  How do Jack and Annie cope with their problem?

While Reading Make a chart of the events that happen in this chapter

Background Reading

 Amazon Monkeys
  Canoe in the Amazon
Canoeing on the Amazon River

 faced – Verb  to be looking in a certain direction
In America, everyday at the beginning of class, we face the flag and say the Pledge of Allegiance.  

hurl  Verb – to throw
At the Olympics, the shot putter hurls the ball.

 scaly ska li

At the beginning of the chapter, how does the monkey behave?
What did Annie do? 
Where did the monkey go?
What did the monkey bring back to Jack and Annie?
Why it is a bad idea to be in the river during a storm?
What would you do in this situation?
What did the monkey do at the end of the chapter?


 Write a letter home to your parents about how you and a friend are stuck in the Amazon.
What are you doing there?  How did you get there?  How do you plan to get home?


Dear Mom and Dad,

I am writing from music camp, but actually now I am on a hike in the forest. The clarinet section decided to take a break from rehearsals, and we took a hike.  The problem is that we could hear the camp, but we couldn’t see it.  The section leader who has been here at Camp Music in the Woods forgot the way back.  So I took  out my harmonica, you know that I am never without some kind of musical instrument and I played a tune and someone came out to get us.    Was I happy to see him! Well usually I don’t like him because he plays the trombone and hits my chair during Band rehearsals, but today I was glad to see him.

Everything is fine now, and we won’t be taking any more unguided hikes!

Musically yours,


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