Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sunset of the Sabertooth, Magic Tree House, Chapter 5

 Magic Tree House
Sunset of the Sabertooth
Chapter 5 
Student Assignment Sheet

Background reading


Key Terms: 
Art Gallery - a place where important pictures are displayed
Cave Paintings - ancient paintings on the walls of prehistoric caves. 
 sorcerer - a person with magic powers 
 tunnel  - an artificial underground passage 

Why does Annie think that this place is an Art Gallery? 
What is Jack's answer? 
What information do they find in the book? 
Why did the Master of Animals have on a costume? 
What powers did it give him? 
Why did Jack and Annie have to find the Master of Animals? 
What happened to Peanut? 
Where did she go? 

As you are reading this chapter, listen to this FLUTE  music: written and performed by Rachael Alice Orbach 

Homework:  Write  a play using the dialogue in this chapter. 

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