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Magic Tree House Afternoon on the Amazon Chapter 4 Student Assignment Sheet

Magic Tree House

Afternoon on the Amazon

Chapter 4

Student Assignment Sheet

While Reading Make a chart of the events that happen in this chapter

Background Reading

Army Ants


camouflage –Noun coloring of an animal that makes it difficult to see
The arctic hare uses camouflage to hide from the arctic fox.

gloom – noun partial or total darkness
It was a very foggy morning next to the sea, I couldn’t see anything in the gloom.

slanted say l clearly

gloom say l clearly
What did Annie and Jack do when they got to the forest floor?
_______________________________________________________________________WWhat sound did they hear?

What did the sound mean?
What did all the animals do?

Where did Jack and Annie run to?

What was missing from the canoe?


Pretend you are Jack and write a letter to his cousin about the adventures that he and Annie have been having so far. Include any details that you think will bring the story alive!


Dear Cousin Ida,

I want to tell you about the adventures that I have had in Alice and Wonderland!I first met Alice when she was running after the White Rabbit. He was so funny with his little vest and pocket watch! Then Alice did a silly thing, she saw a bottle on a table and she drank it! It made her very small. Then she went into a garden and got turned into a mushroom! Then, and you will laugh, she went back to a little girl and had a tea party with a Dormouse, and a Mad Hatter! She then played croquet with the Queen of Hearts! But then it was time to go and she woke up. Did you believe the story? It was fun, don’t you think?

Best wishes,


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