Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Afternoon on the Amazon Chapter 1 Magic Tree House

Magic Tree House

Afternoon on the Amazon

Chapter 1

Student Assignment Sheet

Before reading:

What do you know about the Amazon? Where is it? What is the most important feature of the Amazon? What is the weather there? What kinds of animals live there?

While Reading Make a chart of the events that happen in this chapter.

Background Reading

The Amazon
What is a Rainforest?
Amazon River Animals
Map of Amazon Rainforest


lump – a small piece or mass of something
There was a lump on the floor that turned out to be a rock.

shining – shi nin

shimmered – shim erd

lump say l clearly

Where did Jack and Annie go before?
What was exciting about your favorite book?
Would you want to go there yourself?
What would you like to do there?

What are Jack and Annie doing now in Chapter 1?

What are they excited about?

What did they find in the Tree House?


Visiting an exotic place. If you could visit any place in the world, expenses paid, where would you go? Tell about your dream vacation place. Where is it? What can you do there? How long would you stay?


Visiting an exotic place

If I could visit anyplace, expenses paid, I would like to go to an old English castle. I would like to see the Great Hall and how people lived 500 years ago. I would imagine what it was like to live in the Medieval times and pretend to be a knight fighting from the castle ramparts.

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