Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Dragon King !14 Magic Tree House Chapter 2

Magic Tree House #14, is a very exciting book. By now Mom and Dad have some bit of an idea that Jack and Annie are going places, but maybe they think it is a joke. What do you think?

Background reading

Why did their clothes change?
What social class are Jack and Annie dressed like?
What information do they find in the book?
Why did the king choose his name?
What notes did Jack write?
Who did they meet in the field?
What message did he give them?  
Where is the book that Jack and Annie need to find?
How does the farmer feel about the Dragon King?
Predict how the Dragon King will talk to Jack and Annie.
What is exciting about this chapter?
What else would you bring with you to Ancient China?
Why did they bring the Library Card?
If you had to choose your own symbol what would you choose?  Why?

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