Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Harry Potter #1 pages 40-48

This is a Whelk. Seafood that Aunt Marge gets sick on!  Well I would get sick eating one too!

usual u zh al
written wri ten
wildly wild li
Marge - hard g
shelves  say l clearly


emerald green ink
letter bomb - a bomb that would fit inside a letter.
promptly - on time
whelk - sea snail
Marge -Uncle Vernon's sister
swapped - to exchange one thing for another
bawling - crying  very loudly
spying - to have someone under surveillance
darkly - frowning at each other
wrestle - a fight on the ground

What doe Harry feel about his school uniform?
Who finally gets the mail?
What does Harry find?
How does he feel about it?
What happens when Harry tries to gets his letter?
What is Uncle Vernon's reaction?
Why won't Uncle Vernon and Petunia let Harry read his letter?
 What did Uncle Vernon do that was unusual?
What did he do with the letter?
What was painful about Uncle Vernon?
What falls into his hair?
What is the condition of Harry's new room?
What wasn't touched?
How does Harry feel about the new room?
Why does Dudley want the letter?
Why did a second letter come?

Homework: Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia are scared of the letter.  Explain why.

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