Sunday, October 9, 2016

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Lesson Plan pages 22-31

Hagrid's Hankerchief! 
Ten years have passed since we saw Harry dropped off at his Aunt's and Uncle's house. 

Lets read to find out what type of childhood Harry had. 

Key Terms 
shrill - very high and annoying
demanded  asking strongly
cupboard - a place for storing dishes
knobbly - knees bigger than they should be 
punched   hit
meanwhile  - at the same time
tantrum - starts to scream and yell a lot
wrap means to cover up with pretty paper
 un means the opposite
ruins - destroyed
wailed - scream loudly
spoil - something went bad
shrunk - gotten smaller because of too hot water
mustache - hair on the upper lip of a grown man

  fateful  fate ful
  sign long I
demanded de man ded
hid den short I
wanted  want ted
involved say d clearly 
bacon long a  
hair  haire 
direction dir reck shun
cabbage cab je
 scrawny too thin
scissors  sis zors  


Why do we fast forward 10 years? 
What were our expectations about Harry's childhood?  Were you surprised? 
Where does Harry sleep? 
What does his Aunt want him to do? 
What day is today? 
How many presents did Dudley get? 
Why is he still not satisfied?  How does his father react?
Explain how Harry finally gets to go to the zoo? 
What strange things always happen to Harry?  Why? 

Make up what it must have been like for Harry living in the Dursley's household.   How does he explain the funny things that happen to him? What does he think about his parents?

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