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10 Masterpieces of Baroque Architecture

10 Masterpieces of Baroque Architecture
Women in Architecture have to work 10 times harder, but there is still hope for the future.  A student of mine chose this article to study and you might want to too!

Who finally finished the San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane?
Why is St. Peter's 
What was the original function of the Les Invalides? 
What is it being used as now? 
How long was St. Peter's Cathedral the tallest building in London?
Why did UNESCO World Heritage Sites designate the The Zacatecas Cathedral? 
Which site is the most beautiful? 
Why is it important to study the Baroque period? 
Why is was it difficult to restore Baroque buildings after fires? 
Who finally built the facade of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela?

Key terms
leading  - one of the most important people 
 facade - the part that faces the street
symmetry - looks the same on both sides 
obelisk - a small monument
dome- a big half sphere
veteran - the fighter from a war
vowed = a strong promise
severely  - almost destroyed
basilica - another name for dome of a church

baroque bo roke
spread spred
triumph  tri  um f
Catholic cath lik
Protestant pro te stnt
visual vizh ua l
 facade  c is s sound
colonnades col lon ades
erected e rec ted
contemporary  con tem po ra ri
Cathedral Ca the dral
severely se ver li
grandeur gran dur
façade  c is s sound
Romanesque  accent on ROM
basilica ba sil i ka

Roman numerals 

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