Sunday, September 18, 2016

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Lesson plan pages 17-21

Today we are going to finish Chapter 1, Say, these lessons are geared to ESL students so we might go a bit more slowly than for an English Speaker class, you can combine the lessons if the student's level is high enough.

Key Terms
heart in the right place. - metaphorically.

roar    two r  r 's
landed  lan ded
least  leest
simply  sim pli
allowed  a  loud
beard  beerd - one syllable
muscular mus ku lar
destroyed  dis tryoed
curiously  kur i ess li
lightening  lit ning
arms  say s clearly
howl  houlll
spotted  spo ted
doorstep  say p clearly
business buz ness
streaming streem ing
blew  blu
swish  one syllable
hedges  hed ges
woken  wo ken
cousin cu zin

sped - irregular verb past tense of speed  Go here for a great teaching chart:

Dialect -Is when a language is written exactly as it is said, usually without certain letters, to approximate the speech. The grammar may also have mistakes.

Hagrid speaks in a dialect, and when you read it you sound a little different

Why doesn't Professor McGonagall trust Hagrid?
Describe Hagrid.
Why does Dumbledore say that scars can come in handy?
How does Professor McGonagall  calm down Hagrid?
Whydoes Professor Dumbledore feel that the growing up with the Dursley's will be the best thing for Harry?
What does Professor McGonagall feel about Harry growing up with the Muggles?
How does Professor Dumbledore leave the scene?
Why is the Wizarding World going to call this day Harry Potter Day?
What would you have done with Harry?
What other way could have Dumbledore have given Harry to the Dursleys?


Draw Harry Potter's Family tree

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