Thursday, August 25, 2016

TOEFL Speaking Topics

TOEFL Speaking

The TOEFL test is an interesting test,  I feel that it comes the closest to a real life situation.
Many people read on the Internet, then they go to a You Tube video and then they talk about it to a friend.  This is that the Integrated Speaking Section of the test measures: How well you can integrate information in different formats together.

So, in order to practice. you have to come up with situations like that!

Here are a few resources that I have used with my students in the past.

Here is a site that has both types of questions:

This site also has all the types of questions.

For the Short Speaking topics only, you can use this site:

It is a little hard to read because the background is in black, but the questions are good to practice on!

So I hope to meet you in class to practice for the TOELF Speaking sections!
Rachael Alice, Your English teacher!!

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