Sunday, May 1, 2016

Magic Tree House Sunset of the Sabertooth Chapter 1

The Magic Tree House series has caught the imagination of younger children like the teenagers used to feel about Harry Potter.
Jack and Annie go to many different places, see different things and children learn almost effortlessly about Pirates, Old England and many other places.  

This book is about the Ice Age Man and how he copes with the harsh environment. 

As usual Jack and Annie, end up in a strange place!

Background reading 

Key Terms
gave up on
a small clearing

swim +ing  = swimming  CVC words you have to double the final consonant and then add the ing

Where were Jack and Annie before they walked through the woods? 
Why did they take those classes? 
What did they see in the woods? Why was this surprising?
What was sitting on the floor in the Tree House?
Why doesn't Jack want to go to the place depicted in the open book?
What happens when Annie accidentally wishes? 
What would have you done? 

Change these words into ing form.  Some are CVC and some are not.  Then write them in a sentence

jump, swim, hop, sit, hope, wear, see, watch, eat, sleep, grab

Tell about a time when you didn't prepare for an event. What did you do? 
What was the event?  Where was it? What happened in the end? 


One day during vacation, we forgot to pack enough food.  Well, we had the food, but instead of taking the eggs that were hard boiled, we took raw ones. We found out when we picked up the backpack and it was a bit goey. We ate everything else and threw the eggs, or what was left of them away! 

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