Thursday, May 26, 2016

Magic Tree House Sunset with the Sabertooth, Chapter 3 and Chapter 4

Magic Tree House
Sunset with the Sabertooth
Student Assignment Sheet
Chapter 3  and Chapter 4 

Whew!  - Say when you are saved from a dangerous situation. 
Whew, that was a close one!  We ran away just in time!

Their shadows danced – a metaphor that means that the shadows were moving around 
Their shadows danced on the wall, as the bonfire burned all night long. 

ledge – a small shelf on the side of a mountain
I tried to sit on the ledge, but it was too small. 


How did Jack know that the snoring came from a bear? 
Why were the children so cold? 
What did they bring with them? 
What did they find? 
What is the difference between the two caves? 
What information did they learn from the book? 
What did they find to keep them warm?
What notes did Jack write in his notebook? 
How did Cro-Magnon light their homes? 
What did they make their clothes from? 
What did they see in the tunnel? 


Write a report for your teacher about the Ice Age people.  Where did they live, what did they wear, how did they light their caves? 

How the Plains Indians lived: 
The Plains Indians live in the Midwest of the United States, They lived in tents called teepees, they captured horses that had escaped from the Spanish. They hunted bison on the plains.  Boys were taught how to hunt and girls were taught how to cook and sew clothes and the teepees. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Magic Tree House Sunset of the Sabertooth Chapter 2

Magic Tree House
Sunset of the Sabertooth Chapter 2
Student Assignment Sheet

Before Reading: What happened in Chapter 1? What activity were the children coming from?  How were they dressed?

While reading - Make a chart of the events that are happening






bare  Adjective - nothing is growing on the plant
Example: In the winter the trees are bare.

chattered Verb - the teeth involuntarily move up and down in a effort to get warm.
Example: When she got out of the pool, her teeth chattered.

slipped Verb - to put in a place quickly
Example: I slipped into the classroom at the last minute.

Cro- Magnons Noun - Early Modern Humans, they lived in Northern Europe adapted to cold weather.
Example: Cro Magnons lived in caves in Northern Europe.

they drove  Verb - to force animals to move in a certain direction
Example:  The Indians often drove buffalo over a cliff to kill them.

 no sign of - Idiom that means you can’t find it.
Example: There was no sign of his wallet, it was lost!

No wonder Idiom that means, Now I understand!
Example: It was no wonder we couldn’t find my wallet, it was under the bed.

freeze to death Idiom that means it is very cold
Example: If you go out in the snow, put on the snowboots, or you’ll freeze to death.

belonged  be longed

plain vs plane
plain is a wide expanse of land
plane is an airplane

Who is Morgan Le Fay?
What did the note say?
Which items did they already find?
What must Jack and Annie find?
In which adventure did Jack and Annie find Peanut?
Why doesn’t Jack want to go to the Tree House now?
How does Annie convince him?
How do they know which book they have to look in to find the next object?
What does she do that he feels is dangerous?  
Why does he want to leave the Tree House?

What happens to the Tree House?   

Homework: Imagine that you are going to meet a Cro-Magnon man, how do you communicate?  Describe him and how you can have a conversation

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Magic Tree House Sunset of the Sabertooth Chapter 1

The Magic Tree House series has caught the imagination of younger children like the teenagers used to feel about Harry Potter.
Jack and Annie go to many different places, see different things and children learn almost effortlessly about Pirates, Old England and many other places.  

This book is about the Ice Age Man and how he copes with the harsh environment. 

As usual Jack and Annie, end up in a strange place!

Background reading 

Key Terms
gave up on
a small clearing

swim +ing  = swimming  CVC words you have to double the final consonant and then add the ing

Where were Jack and Annie before they walked through the woods? 
Why did they take those classes? 
What did they see in the woods? Why was this surprising?
What was sitting on the floor in the Tree House?
Why doesn't Jack want to go to the place depicted in the open book?
What happens when Annie accidentally wishes? 
What would have you done? 

Change these words into ing form.  Some are CVC and some are not.  Then write them in a sentence

jump, swim, hop, sit, hope, wear, see, watch, eat, sleep, grab

Tell about a time when you didn't prepare for an event. What did you do? 
What was the event?  Where was it? What happened in the end? 


One day during vacation, we forgot to pack enough food.  Well, we had the food, but instead of taking the eggs that were hard boiled, we took raw ones. We found out when we picked up the backpack and it was a bit goey. We ate everything else and threw the eggs, or what was left of them away! 

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