Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Fat Cat by Jack Kent - Book Review

The Fat Cat by Jack Kent is a cute book, reminding my of all the "eat" books.  But here we get the "feel" of the Danish language with the names of the characters,

I happened to find it in my local "Matnas" in the Lost and Found pile. I brought it home, read it and put it back because I want the real owner to get it back.  I really enjoyed it especially the last picture in the book where the woodcutter patches up the cat.  But you will have to find your own copy to see it!  

These type of books are very popular, the Old woman and the fly, The Gump takes a walk.  They show the affects of overeating and being a bully.  I think that we shouldn't be scared of "non" correct political correctness, bad stuff happens, and hopefully at the end things turn our right.  

Have fun with this short but cute book! 

Rachael Alice Orbach  

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