Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Because of Winn-Dixie, Chapter 5

Winn-Dixie is just a lovable, ugly dog, but with Opal's loving care, he is getting more beautiful, but that is not the reason that she loves him. Have you ever had a pet that others didn't like but you just couldn't stop thinking about the pet?  Well that is Winn-Dixie all right.

Ugly dog finds a home

Key Terms
couldn't stand 
made his heart feel empty

How does Opal know that Winn-Dixie doesn't like to be left alone? 
What does the church look like? 
Why do the people bring their own chairs? 
What is written on the floor? 
What did the preacher try to do to make it more presentable? 
What happened when they tied up Winn-Dixie outside the church? 
What happened when Opal brought the dog inside the church?
Who did the preacher say for everyone to pray for? 
What did Opal pray for? 
What finally happened to the mouse?

Sometimes talking to other people just doesn't help that much even if the person is a trained therapist. 
If you were to talk to God in your own words what would you say?  What is the most urgent problem that you have on your mind right now?  Tell God.  He will listen to you and maybe there will be a sign somewhere somehow that your problem will have a solution.  

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