Sunday, February 28, 2016

Pirates Past Noon - Chapter 5 Magic Tree House Lesson Plan

Pirates Past Noon by Mary Pope Osborne, is a fast, fun book where kids can learn a bit about Pirates. When reading this book, be sure to check out these extra links to learn even more!

Background reading

Key Terms

back slowly away - to walk backwards in a slow manner
When I saw the porcupine, I backed slowly away, I didn't want the frightened animal to throw any quills at me. 

lubbers slang term for people who live on land
Hey, you land lubbers!  If you are going to be sick, throw up over the side!

thy-Old English word for "you"
Thy eyes are the color of the sky! 

doom - to die 
I thought I was doomed, the oncoming car was coming too fast, but I turned away at the last moment! 

Cap’n - abbreviation for the word Captain
Cap"n, Kidd hid his treasure on an island. 

Aye - Slang term for "yes" 
Aye Aye, Captain, I will bring you a glass of wine. 

What are the events that happened in Chapter 5?
What do the pirates want from Annie and Jack? 
What do they do with the gold medallion? 
Why can't the pirates find the treasure, even though they had a map?
How has Annie's attitude changed toward the pirates? 
Where did they take Jack and Annie? 

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach

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