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Magic Tree House, Pirates Past Noon,. Chapter 2,

We are continuing with our book Pirates Past Noon.   Chapter 2.  Many people know more about Pirates now than in the past thanks to the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series.  But in reality pirates were very cruel and didn't live long thanks to the battles that they had, either with other pirates or between different countries navies.

Famous Pirate flags 
Tall sailing ship

Map of the Caribbean 

swooped - to fly in a circular manner
The eagle swooped down to catch its prey. 

hit the sand - to reach the sand
When he hit the sand, he ran to the water and waded into the cool water. 

saltwater. - sea water
The sea is full of saltwater. 

green parrot 

salt - say l clearly 


What has happened in Chapter 1?
Why did Annie "happen" to choose this book?
Why was the Tree House in a Palm tree?
Why did Annie leave her boots on?
Why did Jack take his boots off?
Where did the parrot fly off to?
Why was Jack afraid when he saw the ship's flag?
What was the title of the book?
Where was that place?
Why was it a good place for pirates?

Research a pirate and tell about his "achievements"

You can use these websites:

Example: Biography of Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison was born on Feb. 11th 1847  He was mostly educated at home by his accomplished schoolteacher mother.  He read many books and at the age of 15 after saving a child from a train accident, the father taught him to run the telegraph machine,  Edison then worked as a substitute telegrapher for those who were called up to serve in the Civil War.
One of Edison's first inventions was an electronic voting recorder, but the Massachusetts legislature wasn't interested because they didn't want the votes to be counted quickly!  The next invention Edison sold netted him $40,000, a lot of money in 1869, it synchronized stock transactions.   With this money in his pocket, Edison went to work as an inventor, and the rest is history.  Edison held 1000 patents the most famous of them the incandescent light bulb, and the phonograph.

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach - English teacher

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