Friday, January 29, 2016

Commonly confused Words #2

 Words Commonly Confused #2

For each of the following problems,  circle the correct choice.

Example: (Who’s, Whose) been sitting in my chair?

The correct answer is Who’s, so I would circle it

     (Who’s, Whose) book is this?

The correct answer is Whose, so I would circle it.

1. My cat had (its, it’s) kittens last night.

2. Please be (quiet, quite) during the test.

3. Our school’s (principal, principle) shaved his head when the soccer team won the

state championship.

4. Be careful with (your, you’re) new cell phone; you’d hate to lose or break it.

5. Sam just barely (passed, past) his driver’s exam.

6. When Rachel got hit with a baseball, we thought she might not be (conscious,


7. (There, Their, They’re) going to be angry when they find out that their trees were

toilet papered last night.

8. I can’t stand it when people give me (advice, advise) that I don’t need.

9. Please put (your, you’re ) clothes in the laundry basket.

10. How many fans (were, where) at the game?

11. I’m sorry, but this restaurant doesn’t (accept, except) credit cards.

12. In science class, we learned about the Greenhouse (affect, effect).

13. When Jen told a joke, we all (burst, busted) out laughing.

14. I don’t know (who’s, whose) going to pick you up after school.

15. The (principle, principal) problem facing our company is that we need to advertise

our products more.

16. Stay on task because you don’t have (alot, a lot, allot) of time to finish the project.

17. When (your, you’re) going on a long trip, make sure to pack clothes for all weather.

18. That shirt is (to, too, two) small for you!

19. I would love to come over tonight, (accept, except) that I have to write a paper.

20. They went to dinner and (than, then) went mini-golfing.

21. I live (passed, past) the grocery store on 7th Street.

22. I was not (conscious, conscience) of the fact that my car was nearly out of gas.

23. When you go (to, too, two) the store, could you pick up a gallon of milk?

24. I would (have, of) been on time, but my car got stuck in the snow.

25. The recipe calls for (to, too, two) eggs.

26. I would rather read a mystery novel (than, then) a romance.

27. Do you know if (its, it’s) supposed to snow this weekend?

28. The girls can’t find (their, there, they’re) uniforms anywhere.

29. Yes, this test will (affect, effect) your final grade.

30. Once we have the money counted, we will (alot, a lot, allot) it among the four of us.

31. (Their, there, they’re) are several things you need to do for homework.

32. Everyone keeps telling me that I should (of, have) gone to the concert last night.

33. Have you figured out (who’s, whose) backpack this is?

34. I would not (advice, advise) you to poke the bear.

35. In the (passed, past), farmers used oxen to plow their fields.

36. (Its, It’s) been a long time since I’ve heard this song.

37. I think strawberries are better (than, then) bananas.

38. Jessie (passed, past) a police car going 10 miles over the speed limit!

39. A lack of sleep can have a bad (affect, effect) on your grades.

40. I’m going to the concert, (to, too, two).

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