Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Old Wreck is found - News in Levels, Level 1

Even when you have students that are at a low level, you can still discuss the news with them, This is a site that has human interest stories in three levels.  Today I taught two cute boys via Skype, this story at a Level 1.

  Spanish = something from the country Spain
 sink = you wash your hands in the sink this is a noun
  sinks used as a verb The ship goes down into the water
  1700  Seventeen hundred
 1708 - Seventeen oh eight
 wreck - the remains
 bronze - copper and tin together  very heavy and sturdy


 Where did the ship sink?
 What was on the ship?
 What was the cannon used for?
  How many people died?
  What year did the ship go down?
 Why do find the ship now?
  Did they find it?
  What does the word want mean here?

Then, after asking all the questions, I asked the students to summarize in their own words the article.

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach - English teacher 

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