Thursday, October 22, 2015

Wonders 2 English lesson about animals

Wonders 2 is a cute book for children to learn about everyday subjects

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Today we are studying Unit 1 pages 66 -81


  first hear the t
  sawdust aw

Grammar - Changing verbs to different tenses
If we have a present progressive  brushing  - take off the ing,to change the verb into the past I add ed:
 Last night I ________________ my hair

Where does this story take place?
Are there other animals there?
How do you care for a pet?
Did you ever have a pet?
How does Jack take care of Pepper?  Name at least three actions.
What time does Jack wake up in the morning?
What is the first thing that he does?
When does Pepper get to run?
Who goes with Jack when they go riding?
How is taking care of a horse different than taking care of a cat?
Which is more difficult? In which ways?
Which pet would you rather have?
If you could e-mail Jack, what question would you ask him about taking care of Pepper the horse?
Could this story happen in real life?

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice


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