Friday, October 9, 2015

California Science Book 1 Unit 1

California Science is a book published to teach the Science curriculum in California. It is a very hands on book with many different view points about science.

This book, along with the text book is available on Amazon:

Today we will work on pages 13-18  


conclusion con ku shun
measure mee szur
 centimeters sen ti mee ters

How do the children find out about plants?
What do you think about the plan on page 14?
Predict which plant will grow more?
How do you know which plant is growing more?
Let's turn to page 15, What are the children doing?
On page 16, we have two different charts.
What information do we get from the first chart?
What information do we get from the second chart?
What is the difference between the two plants?
Week 1 ___________ Week 2 __________ Week 3 ____________
In your opinion, which chart is easier to read?

On the next page we have two pictures,
What can you tell about the experiment from the pictures?

What will a scientist say about this experiment?  Read page 18.
Was this a good plan?  Did the children follow all the steps?
What did the children do first? Second? Third?

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach - English teacher

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