Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Alexander Hamilton - American History Lesson

Alexander Hamilton was my favorite Founding Father.  When I was in elementary school, I even wrote a report about him for my 5th grade History class. But as I was reading this site, I found out even more about him!


pivotal intelligence 
execution - to make it happen
ground-breaking - brand new and wonderful 
neutrality  not to take sides 
implemented- put into practice 
 despite- in opposition to
 describe - tell all the details
ravaged- destroyed
BA or bachelors' degree - the first degree from university
denouncing -to give information against a subject


intelligent  in tell I gent
College coll edge 
Revolution  Rev o lu shun
 ambitious am bi sh shis
 decisiveness  de siv I ness
 Patriot Pa tri ot
 delivered hear the ed
supported hear the ed
Constitution Con st ti shun
constitutional con sti tu shun al
financial fi nan shun al
Schuyler Shu ler
economic e kon mic
neutrality  nuw tral it ti
descriptive de skri ptive


When was Alexander Hamilton born? 
Where was Hamilton born?
What was his first job?
At what age did he take over the business?
What languages did he speak?
How long did it take Alexander to earn his BA degree?
What was his position concerning the British?
When he get married and how many children did the couple have?
Where did he serve during the American Revolutionary War?
Who was his commanding officer in the Army?
How did this experience help him later in life?
What did he do after the war?
What was the dispute about with Vice President Aaron Burr?
What was the aftermath of the duel?

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