Friday, September 18, 2015

Write your own fairy tale! Here is the plot and the characters:

Create your own fairy tale! Use magic, potions, witches, giants, sword fights.

Setting: An English speaking forest kingdom, 500 years ago.

King Laziman - He used to be very smart but lately he is under a spell and is very lazy.

Magic Mirror that can talk, but often speaks in riddles that people doon't understand.

Witch Mixiup - Witch who used to be a princess, but was put under a spell to be a witch, but she mixes up the spells. Her spells can be very funny.

The villian - Maxiup He owns a magic sword that wants to be owned by the lazy king.

Loneslone - The King's brother, used to be lazy but now is full of energy, he is the opposite of  his brother the king.

The giant - Giantus - Giant who eats the kingdom's sheep.  Loneslone tries to save the sheep but is kidnapped by the giant instead.

Plot: The story is about a lazy king who must break a curse, find a magic mirror, and outwit a witch to escape an abusive giant.  Things are complicated by the villain kidnapping the main character's

OK, so here are the characters and the plot Let's see what you can do!

Type your story in the comments section below!  Have fun and good luck!

If you want more plots then go to this

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach 

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