Monday, August 17, 2015

The History of Amazon English conversation

Ever wondered who started Amazon? Well, not until I read this short article did I really know the history of this business even though I actually have written and have for sale books on Amazon!

 Read and prepare this link. There are many exercises on here, do as many as you can to see what you understand!

popular ranges of goods
a huge share
teamed up
minimal packaging
an innovative leader

Who started  
When did he start Amazon?
Why is Amazon so successful?
When did Amazon start selling other products than books? 
Do you buy products on-line? 
Have you ever bought from Amazon? 
If so, were you satisfied with your purchase? 
Do you think that Amazon would take back a product if you didn't like it? 
What can be improved about the Amazon website? 

Here is your English teacher's mini-site on Amazon!

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