Friday, August 7, 2015

Police Officer helps 38 weeks Pregnant woman

Usually in the news nowadays we have been hearing about police abusing their position.  White police officers beating up black suspects or even worse.  Well, this is not a story about that but instead about how police officers helped a black woman on the way to the hospital to give birth.  A welcome change in the news!

Read this article and prepare the questions to discuss with your English teacher

Key Terms
going viral
really bad contractioncitation
to affix
no race

What do you think about police officers?
Are police officers generally helpful in your city? 
What do you feel when you see a police car behind you? 
Have you ever gotten a traffic ticket?  What happened? 
Is there anything unsual in how the officers in this story reacted? 
How can we make the police to act more compassionate? 
Is this an isolated incident? 

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach - Professional English Teacher

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