Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Lag B'Omer cloze exercise English Vocabulary

Lag B'Omer is coming up soon, so here is a worksheet that you can give to your students on that day!

Lag B'Omer

According to the Talmud, (Tractate Yevamot 62b)

Use these words to fill in the blanks
Hair, weddings,  music, reason, improve,  died,  count,  time, respect,  24,000

, ______________students of Rabbi Akiva died in one
short period, because "they did not show proper
__________to one another!" And all of them
__________ between Pesach and Shavuot as a result
of a plague during the days of the Omer counting. For
that ____________, we  observe a customs  during
this time, 16 Nissan - 5 Sivan,   during the whole
month of Iyar, (with one exception),
when_______________ are not held,___________ is
not cut, and __________ is not heard. Some do not
shave during this entire period.
Some  __________ the mourning period from Pesach
to Lag B'Omer. Others go from Rosh Chodesh Iyar to
Shavuot. This period is a ____________ to reflect
upon our middot and _____________ our relations
with others.


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