Thursday, April 9, 2015

Renting an Apartment Do's and Don't's English conversation

Renting your first apartment is a big step in becoming a responsible adult.  Many people don't know how to find apartments and how to present themselves to their prospective landlord.  I remember the first time I rented an apartment.  It was a one-bedroom, for us three college students studying at UCLA.  I was the one who went out and found the apartment, met with the landlady.  I moved in the moment we signed the year long lease and had three days without electricty /or water!

Read this article and learn what to do, and what not to do when renting an apartment!

Key Terms

gonna be - slang
conceivable arrangement
 soul-punishingly bleak
 ceaseless parade
 arduous process
 serious money.
 guardian angel
stressy spiritual journey
fall in love
 soul-crushingly expensive 
word-of-mouth recommendations

What is your opinion about the author's first apartment? 
Would you live there? 
Do you like to live in a big city, or the country? 
What is the average rent in your city? 
Would you like to live in a different city?  Why? 
Is it as hard for you to find an apartment as the author of this article? 
Which do you prefer, furnished or unfurnished?
Which is the best city  to rent an apartment? 
Do you like to ask a Real Estate agent to help you?  Why or why not? 

English conversation lesson by Rachael Alice Orbach - Professional English Teacher 

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