Sunday, April 5, 2015

Data Science or Statistics? A new name for an old art? Business English

The word statistics brings up old and boring long lists of numbers to mind. Data Science on the other hand is new and exciting! Are they the same, or is Data Science really a new way of dealing with data?
This is a very long wikipedia article that just scratches the surface of Data Science,  Read it and discuss it with your English teacher.
There are too many key terms to list here.  Sorry!

What is the difference between Data Science and Statistics?
Which one is more useful?
Are there situations that you would choose one or the other?
Which problems does each solve?
What tools do you use in Data Science?
Which tools do you use in Statistics?
What are the requirements to become a Statistician?
What are the requirements to become a Data Scientist?
Which will give you the big picture?
How do you come to a decision using Data Science?
What is Big Data?
How is that used in Data Science?
What questions does Big Data answer?

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach -Professional English Teacher

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