Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How to give a great presentation! Business English

Business English Conversation lesson.  How you give a presentation is as important as the content!

How you give a presentation is as important as what information you wish to present.  Make sure that you know your data and that you are well prepared with the correct dress and body language.  Presenters from all parts of business need to learn these rules and strive to present even dry data in an interesting way!

Read this article and be prepared to discuss it with your English teacher

Key Terms
make a name for themselves
Congressional Medal of Honour
a slap in the face
 a higher calling
impassioned address
righteous indignation
emotional involvement
strong narrative
constructive feedback
motivational speaker
freshest version

How many presentations do you need to give at your job
How do you prepare for them?
Why does the article say not to rely too much on PowerPoint slides?
What do you do if you see your audience is not interested in your presentation?
If you have to give a presentation about last quarter's sales, how can you give life to the data?
Tell me about a good speech that you recently heard. 
What made it different from other speeches?
How do you get over being nervous before giving a presentation?

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach-Professional English Teacher 

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