Thursday, January 15, 2015

Finally! Restaurant workers get a living wage at a Pittsburg restaurant

To help pay my personal expenses when I was at UCLA, I worked in an on campus restaurant, the Cooperage.  I started in the pizza section, then bussing tables, and I ended up a shift manager of the bussing tables section.  It was hard work, and we didn't get tips because it was a self-serve university setting.  We got paid a bit above minimum, and the shifts were at most two hours at a time.  There were so many students who wanted to work, and the hours were shifted around our classes.  But most people who work at a restaurant are really paid very poorly and they live on the tips.  Here is another view of how one restaurant owner is solving the problem.

Read this article and watch the short video, discuss it with your English teacher

Key Terms
 base salary 
 which vest
 compensation plan
blanket 20% service charge
 breaking down whole animals 
fermenting vegetables 
on site


What do you feel about tipping? Who do you tip?
 Taxi driver, hairdressers, hotel & service staff?
When you go out for a meal do you always tip?

What do you think about the service in a typical restaurant?
Do you think other restaurants should follow this pattern?
What is the traditional way of compensation at a restaurant?
How much do you have to add to the  bill at a typical restaurant in your country?
Is working in a restaurant a hard job?
What would the bi-monthly meeting do for the workers?
Do you leave big tips or small tips?
Is is fair to the worker?  The business? The patrons?
What will be the compensation package at Bar Marco?
What will they do differently? 
How will this affect the profitability?
How will this affect the "culture of the workers?"
How will this affect the customers?
Will there be more customers?  Less?
Would you like to go to this restaurant? 
If there was a similar restaurant in your city would it be successful?
What else would you like to change about the restaurant industry?

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach - Professional English Teacher 

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