Monday, December 8, 2014

English Vocabulary in English

Even English speakers need to improve their vocabularies. 
Here are a few to study and start to use in your everyday speech.  One way to remember new words is to create a mind map of words that call this word to mind. Answer the questions, and then go back over these words at least three times. Good luck!

1.  Narrative:  Noun   a story.   
Mr. Smith read the class a narrative written by a soldier in the Second World War. 

Narrative -- story  --- narrative -- first person narrative -  narrator 

 What is a narrative that you have enjoyed reading or listening to? 

2. Patriot - Noun - someone who loves and support her or his country. 
 A great patriot of the American Revolutionary War was Paul Revere. 

Name a patriot of your country?  What did this person do?  When did the person live? 
Why do you remember this person? 

3. Charisma -  Noun - Charm or appeal    
Politicians often have charisma, otherwise they wouldn't get elected. 

Name a person who has charisma in your city.  Does anyone in your family have charisma? 
What is the negative of charisma? 

4. Ancient - Adjective  - from a long time ago. 
The remains of Rome are ancient.  

What is something ancient that exists in your country? 

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach Professional English Teacher 

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