Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Can you tell if a picture is taken with a Digital Camera or a Cellphone? English conversation Lesson

Ever since I had a Nokia Smart Music Phone, I have been taking pictures and putting them up on the Internet.  I had a Canon Snap Shot camera, but now my Galaxy Note 2 gets much better pictures and videos.   Here is an article that pits both types of cameras against each other.  Can you tell the difference?

 Key Terms
blue-footed boobies 
 elephant pudenda
grim-faced pack mule
aforementioned gear
ore out-of-way 
lugging around
noble instinct
photocentric trips
Aperture shows
two visual anchors
getting the better of
big rig
het up

What equipment did the author take with him on his latest trip? 
Which was the most useful for him? 
What advice did Reid give the author?
How were the cellphone pictures received by the audience at the show on the boat?
How much money did the author spend on extra lenses and equipment? 
Does he feel that it was worth it? 
What type of photography do you do? 
Which equipment do you use? 
How often do you take pictures? 

Here is a link to my photo blog of Jerusalem

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach - Professional English Teacher

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