Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Remembering the Berlin Wall - 25 years later

The only thing that I remember about the Berlin Wall coming down was the Pink Floyd Rock Concert and the song The Wall.

Key Terms
“part of the folklore”
"iron curtain" 
 “complete surprise” 
 bear the consequences
 “for the overall setting” 
“won against all those 'isms'


What was it like living in Germany for the author while the Berlin Wall stood? 
What was the feeling when the Wall came down? 
How did people view each other after the Wall came down?
Do you live in a country where there is a wall? 
How do you feel about the Wall in your country? 
Does it help the political situation? 
Does the wall have economic effects?
Does the Wall affect you personally? 
Should the Wall in your country come down?  
What would happen if it didn't? 
What would be the immediate effects? 
What would be the long term effects?

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach - Professional English Teacher

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