Sunday, October 26, 2014

Unemployment in France jumps to 3.43 million people last month

The Government of France has given up with Unemployment. The most recent figures are very disappointing.  If you have ever been unemployed and had to ask for benefits you know how feels.  I, frankly, would rather just get another job, but what happens when the economy is so slow and there are not jobs?  You go to the unemployment line.

Read this article and be prepared to discus it with your English teacher

Key Terms
dramatic leap
worst jobless figures
unemployment line 
troubled mandate
 has swelled
grave error
alarming confession
parlous state
budget deficit
to deviate
last warning
humiliating decision
full-fledged query
biting European sanctions
“tsar system” 
 issue a negative

Why are so many people unemployed? 
What is President Holland doing about this problem?
Why did the Labour Minister François Rebsamen use the word "facelift" to describe the unemployment situation? Why did the newspaper criticize the  Labour Minister?
How does the newspaper  Le Parisien feel about this remark? 
What is the dispute about between Paris and Brussels?
What does Paris want to do? 
What does Brussels want Paris to do? 
What is happening on Sunday in the Ukraine?
Why is Russia pressuring the Ukraine? 
Why did Serge Dassault and  Gérard Depardieu go live in Russia?

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach - Professional 

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