Monday, October 20, 2014

Ultraviolet light disinfection in Your local Hospital Ask for it NOW! Medical English

It is really science fiction come true, and I really hope that this machine would come to Israel and disinfect all the hospitals here.Maybe it won't kill the virus once a person has been infected, but it might prevent the hospital from being an infection center.    Maybe the company can make a portable model that can be rented out to schools, medical clinics and even private homes. 

Read this webpage and discuss it with your English teacher and then get on the phone to get one YOUR local hospital

Key Terms
medical interventions
quarantine centers
 viable lifesaving invention
 xenon-generated UV light 
destroys the integrity
RNA that viruses are made of
"vampire" virus 
noble gases
toxic mercury
secondary risk
chemical residue
specific frequencies 
 bacterial superbugs
viral strains

What is the danger of going into a hospital?
How do doctors and nurses deal with keeping the hospital clean?
Why is this not effective when it comes to viruses?
How can this new machine disinfect rooms from Ebola?
What makes this robot effective?
How does it work? 
What is the difference between using this machine and traditional disinfectants?
How effective is it?
Are you personally scared of Ebola?
What precautions are you taking to help yourself in just in case? 
Has Ebola been reported in your country?

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach - Professional English teacher

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