Sunday, October 12, 2014

Over 50 years old Job Market does exist! Business English

The adage that the job goes to the young and fit may be true, but there are still jobs out there for the older and more experienced crowd.  Don't give up hope to find your dream job even if you are looking at a job change not by choice and you are over 50.  

Read this article and discuss it or write out the answers and review with your English teacher. 

Key Terms

tight job market
take stock
reflecting on the question
gainfully employed 
gone overboard
marked to market
who you know
what you know
scouring a source
differentiate yourself 
renewed effort 
 pay off
embracing technological change
 a resume germane
 genuine interest 

Why are you having difficulty in finding a new job?
How many years experience do you have? 
According to the webpage, which questions do you need to answer in before going out on interviews? 
Why do you want to continue to work?
Is is because of job satisfaction, or for the money?
What is the market in your profession willing to pay workers?
Is this close to what you used to get in your previous job? 
Would you be willing to take a pay cut? 
How can you market yourself so that you are the best candidate for the job?
What can you change about your resume?
Can you change anything about your appearance?
How can you become more professional? 
Why are social networks more important now than in the past? 
How can you learn about new technologies? Do you need to take classes? 
Will this be expensive?
Some people like to go to a job interview and talk from the top of their head, others like to prepare,  which do you think will work for you?  

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach, Professional English teacher. 

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