Friday, September 19, 2014

Walking or cycling to work improves well being English lesson

More and more people are opting to leave the car at home and go to work by bicycle or the bus.   I took a third option and I go by electric bicycle.  But what does the research say about getting to work this way?

Read this article and be prepared to talk about it with your English teacher.

Key Terms:
under less strain
positive psychological effects
active commute
neighborliness  neighbourliness  Two ways to spell this word

According to the article traditionally what is the least favorite way to get the work?
How long did the study follow these people?
How many people did the researchers study?
Where did this study take place?
Are the results transferable to other places?
Which mode of transport was the most used? The least used? 
Did this change over time? 
What will be the trend in the future? 
What are the health benefits of bicycling to work? 
What are the psychological benefits?
What are the benefits of taking the bus or the train? 
Does it matter how crowded the bus or the train is? 
In which publication did this study appear? 
Would you want to do more research about this study?
What is your least favorite way to get to work?
Do you want to change how you get to work? 

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach - Professional English teacher

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