Monday, September 29, 2014

How to handle a meeting with your IT team in English IT English

For many IT professionals leading a meeting in English is very important.  The technical terms are well known for them,but it is the actual meeting that might be difficult. There are many variables that need to be taken care of so that everything runs smoothly.  

Read this post and be prepared to discuss it with your English teacher, or you can even write out the answers to the questions.

Key Terms
communicate in common
cover all your topics
take minutes
recapping all the topics

How often do you need to call a meeting of your IT team?
What topics do you cover?  
How long does your typical meeting take? 
What challenges do you face when you call a meeting?
What percentage of people arrive on time? 
What happens when someone comes late? 
What language do you use during the meeting? 
Do you write an agenda?
Does someone take minutes? 
How do you do followup? 
Who is in charge of implementation of decisions that were taken during the meeting? 
What do you do if the meeting runs late? 

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach - Professional English Teacher 

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