Tuesday, September 23, 2014

English Expression: The Brain Drain - English lesson

Where a person decides to live an work is a very personal question.  Many people are born in one country and then move to another one as an adult.  I was born in Upstate New York, then moved with my family to Los Angeles California.  I was happy there for a time, but then because of many different reasons, I moved to Israel.  So, I am an example of the "Brain Drain." 

Read this post and either write the answers to show to your English teacher or discuss it with your English teacher. 

Key Terms
Brain Drain
competitive edge 
higher standard of living
adopted country
specialized field

Are there many people who move away from your native country to live overseas?
According to the article, Brain Drain also is applied to people who are educated in one field and move to another.  Why do they do that? 
Where were you born? 
Where do you live now? 
Do you plan to move to another country?  If yes, which country would you want to move to? For what reason?
Can you get a good education in your native country?  If not, are you, or did you consider going abroad to further your education? 
Is your government concerned about the exodus of well-educated people going to live abroad?  Is this a trend in your country?
Are there enough jobs in your country for well-educated people? 
Which fields are most desirable in your country?  
Which field do you work in? 
Would you want to change to another field? Why or why not? 
Which country do you think that you could do the most for yourself, your family and the community?

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