Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Connectors in English, Addition and Example words English Grammar

When you are taking a writing test, you have to vary your connectors.  If you use the same one over and over, you will get a lower score.  You can use moreover only once, then the next time you want to add more information to a point, use furthermore, and then in addition to.  These all have the same basic meaning to add to an existing point.


The Internet is getting so incredibly big, moreover, you can access it with a tablet and your smartphone.  In addition to this, Apple is now developing a new device to access the Internet from where ever you are.

You can use the negative not only, but also


In Jerusalem, you can find not only  many modern museums, but also many ancient sites to visit.

If you want to illustrate an idea, you use for example, for instance, such as


There are several places to go to the Carnival, for example, I went last time to Trinidad.
There are many good places to go to the Carnival such as Rio.

Write your own sentences using these connectors:






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