Monday, August 25, 2014

Toronto even bans e-cigs! English lesson

Even e-cigs, once thought of as the answer to smokers in public are being banned in public areas in the United States.  E-cigs, or electronic cigarettes don't produce smoke and others supposedly don't even smell them when they are being "vaped."  They don't have the ash, no smell and have no tobacco.  But they do provide nicotine to the user, and it looks kinda like a conventional cigarette, but not really.

Read this article and discuss it with your English teacher:

Key Terms

marathon session
conventional smoking 
nicotine delivery
stricter oversight

Why do you think that the city council wants to ban e-cigs?
in your opinion, why did the Mayor,Rob Ford, vote against the proposal?
Where can't a person "vape" an e-cig?
What are the dangers of these type of cigarettes?
Why do the regulators want to crackdown on the sales of these types of cigarettes? 
Do you know anyone who has "vaped" these types of cigarettes?
What benefits does the user get from this product? 
What are the risks? 
Do you think that nicotine should be a controlled substance?  

Role play
You are at an outdoor event and a person at a table next to yours is "vaping." There is not a ban in this venue, but you can smell something strange in the air. Play the scene with your teacher. 

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach, Professional English Teacher 

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