Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Job Interview in English Part 1

Job Interview in English, Part 1
Useful parts of speech 
Gerunds act like nouns, they are used for actions that you want to describe what you have done in your last job and education. 
Analyzing, posting, answering, managing, networking

Please add more gerunds to this list. 
Nouns. We use nouns to describe your job. 
Secretary, CEO, CFO, Social Networking Manager, - please add more nouns to this
Say a sentence using a Gerund: Example 
In my last job I was analyzing financial data. 
​Say a sentence using nouns Example
​ I was the CFO of a national branch of a Telecom company. 

​Practice these typical Job Interview Questions, Be sure to practice these out loud, and use proper English grammar!

​1. Tell me about yourself, (here give a short 3 minute review of your education and job experience 

​2. Why did you leave your last job? (Say in a positive way)
​3. What can you bring to this company (Say what qualities you have that will spark the interviewer's interest in you) 

4. Why did you choose this profession? (Say why you chose this field in a positive
5. What are you strengths and weaknesses? (Say the truth, but don't say something too bad for the weaknesses.  Maybe say that you are very detail orientated.)

This is just a taste of a Job Interview, if you would like personalized help then contact me at, asking for Rachael as your teacher! 

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