Sunday, June 8, 2014

Business English, Making a Business Call

Making a business call is very important.  You have to be very clear and to the point.

Before making your call take 5 minutes and write down what you need to accomplish during your call. 

1. Who do you need to speak to? 

2. What information do you need? 

3. If the person is not there, what message do you want to leave? 

4. Call to action, what do you need the other person to do? 

5. End the call in a positive manner. 

Practice this call with a friend until you feel comfortable with the dialog. Switch parts so that you can practice both sides of the call. 

Sample business call: 

 Rachael Smith: Hi I'm Rachael Smith from Smith Associates. I need to speak with Mr. Jones please. 

Receptionist: Let me check his line. No, he is not at his desk right now.  Can I take a message? 

R.S. No, may I please have his cell phone number? 

Receptionist: No, I cannot give out his personal phone number. May I take a message? 

R.S.  I need to speak with him urgently about today's meeting. 

Receptionist: I will give him the message as soon as I can. 

R.S. Thank you very much, Goodbye. 

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